Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

What Is Sawtooth Solutions?

This is the new publication of Sawtooth Software. Last year, part of our company was "spun off" to become Sawtooth Technologies, Inc., which now serves our former CATI users, remains a sales representative for our Ci3 product, and continues to publish Sawtooth News.

Sawtooth Solutions contains information about computer interviewing, conjoint analysis, and other analytic methods for marketing research. We try to provide material that you'll find genuinely useful. We hope you will eventually want to drop whatever you're doing when Sawtooth Solutions arrives and check it out.

This initial issue is going to licensed users of our products and others who have contacted us in the last two years. But to continue receiving it, you must let us know that you want to. Just call to let us know, or fax or mail the section on the back page that contains your address, with a correction if appropriate.

We're also experimenting with a fax-delivered version of Sawtooth Solutions. It consists of an abbreviated version, delivered by fax, to notify you of additional material you can obtain from our Internet home page. Fax delivery could inform you sooner about the availability of information such as product updates, bug fixes, suggestions for use of our software, or new technical papers.