Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

Who is Sawtooth Software?

Sawtooth Software was founded in 1983, shortly after small computers first burst upon the scene. We believed PCs had a bright future in the collection and analysis of marketing research data, and in the last decade we have produced many successful software products for interviewing and data analysis.

We believe our Ci2 and Ci3 products have come to be the most widely used interviewing software in the world today. Ci2 and Ci3 are used at conferences and trade shows, in mall intercept facilities, and just about anywhere else that people are interviewed.

Conjoint Analysis is a popular marketing research technique used to investigate what features a new product should have and how it should be priced. Our ACA System was recently found to be the most frequently used method for conjoint analysis in Europe, and we believe it enjoys similar status in the US and elsewhere.

Users of our software include Fortune 1000 companies in consumer and business-to-business markets, government agencies, market research firms, and universities. These organizations use our software for product and pricing research, social policy inquiries, epidemiological studies, academic investigations, and opinion polling.

Because our people have been pioneers in computerized data collection as well as the development of advanced data analysis techniques, our products have set standards in their fields. Sawtooth products are not only powerful, but also easy to use. They make sophisticated research methods accessible to researchers who are generalists rather than specialists in statistics.