SSI Web v8 – Tool Tips

There is a new ToolTip() SSI Script function in SSI Web v8.  It allows you to display a popup tool tip for specified text.  When the respondent moves their mouse over the top of this text a box will be displayed with "HelpText" in it.

ToolTip(LinkText, HelpText, Width, Height)

ToolTip(LinkText, HelpText) or ToolTip(LinkText, HelpText, Width, Height).  Width and Height are optional.

Example: [%ToolTip("SSI Web", "Great product!", 100, 50)%]

If you want to use your own custom HTML (to include images etc.) to create a tool tip then you don’t even need to use the ToolTip function. Simply place HTML similar to the example below in your study and it will create a tool tip. Make sure you include the "tool_tip_link" and "tool_tip_text" classes. The HTML containing the "tool_tip_text" class must immediately follow the "tool_tip_link" HTML.


<span class="tool_tip_link">Car XYZ</span>
<div class="tool_tip_text">
  <img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]car_pic.jpg" alt="" border="0">
  <br>This is an "awesome" car!

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