Happy 2012! We Have a Present for You…

We are pleased to report that we have nearly completed the Excel simulator capability for MBC!  This option automatically writes out an .xlsm file based on your study settings and either aggregate logit or HB utility runs.  In practice, you’ll want to modify the .xlsm file to dress up the front page for client presentation.  You might also add additional calculations for revenue/profitability analysis.  You’ll probably want to hide the supporting utilities and formulas that the MBC software has automatically written to the background supporting sheets.  We are putting the finishing touches on our work, and we’ll be releasing this soon to beta testers.

The Excel simulator does the standard choice likelihood simulations (but not the more advanced individual-level combinatorial choice simulations).  The file size for a typical Excel simulator for MBC is less than 3MB, and computes almost instantaneously.

We have also finalized the pricing for the MBC software.  We expect to begin selling MBC v1 in March 2012.  Beta test licenses expire on April 1, 2012.  To continue using the software after that point, you’ll need to purchase a license.  There are three options for licensing MBC:

  • $10,000 single-seat license, one-time purchase fee (no version upgrades included)
  • $6,000 single-seat annual license fee (version upgrades included)
  • Or, you may upgrade your Annual Corporate License (a 10-seat license) to the Premium Annual Corporate License—giving your organization a 10-seat license for MBC (along with all other Sawtooth Software products). The Premium Annual license costs just $4,000 more than the regular Annual Corporate License ($19,900 instead of $15,900).

You may purchase the software either directly from us in the US, or if you are a European customer of SKIM, you may continue to purchase through SKIM and then receive all your technical support from them instead of through us in the US.  (Customers of SKIM should receive all support through the SKIM office rather than contact Sawtooth Software in the US.)

Thank you for your interest and support of this effort, which has doubled our expectations. There are currently 173 total interested parties, of whom 83 have already become beta testers.  Many of our beta testers have already completed projects for clients using the MBC software.