MBC Nearing Completion

An important step in developing software comes when all features that will be in the final product are implemented.  As of today, MBC has reached this milestone.

This last feature is called netted variables.  This will be of particular use for combinatorial codings.  It allows you to specify specific dependent variable shares that should be ‘netted’ (summed) together and reported in the simulator as a single total.  Soon we will release v0.9.10, which will contain this feature and will probably be the last beta version (we may choose to release a release candidate).

That’s not to say we’re done.  Thanks to testing done here and by the beta users, we have a number of issues to fix and address.  There’s also a lot of testing to be done yet.  We’ll make minor code changes as we decide what we like and what can be improved.  Provided all goes well we expect to launch the final product towards the beginning of March.