MBC v0.9.12 Available

We have a new build for you: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/download/releases/mbc/MBC_v0_9_12.exe. The software is getting more polished as we march to completion.  This version address various small issues.  There is however a larger albeit nearly invisible change regarding concurrent estimation of models.

This release of the software is no longer available. Click the button below to download the latest version of MBC. Download MBC

If you have worked with lots of dependent variables and set them all running, you might have noticed that nearly all of them ended up running concurrently.  Some of you have even encountered out of memory messages.  That’s because we were relying on the default Windows method to decide which models to run concurrently.  Normally this would be fine, except that the memory your models use (especially HB) can get large.  Really large.  Gigabytes large.

The other problem is that from a performance standpoint, you should only be running as many models as you have processors to run them.  I have a quad-core processor and each of them have Hyperthreading, so I have 8 logical cores.  For best performance, I should only be running 8 models at a time.  There is a complicated explanation for this that I will spare you.  But the method we were using allowed all that could run to run.

So we have written some new code that will better manage concurrent estimation.  To do that, we actually compute in advance roughly how much memory we will be using.  Usually that adds less than a second to the over time to estimate a model.  We then add the model to the queue, which looks at how many processors/cores are in use and how much memory is available.  If you have the free resources, it will run the model.  Otherwise, it should wait until there are.

The change should be transparent except that you may notice that fewer models are running concurrently.

Thanks and enjoy the new version.