Menu-Based Choice (MBC) v1 Released Today

After 19 months of work, we are releasing MBC v1 today! 82 beta testers have been involved in the process, and due their excellent assistance we feel this is a very clean release. Menu-Based Choice (MBC) opens up a new world of discrete choice modeling possibilities for capable Sawtooth Software users who have some training in econometrics and discrete choice modeling. It's truly remarkable what you can accomplish with MBC.

We recommend you buy the software right now, or give it a try by downloading the demo version and working through the tutorial.

Buy MBC Right Now

Please write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a price quote. (If you are a European customer you may purchase either directly from us, or from SKIM in the Netherlands. If you purchase from SKIM, all front-line technical support comes from their office rather than from our offices.)

There are three ways to license MBC software:

  • One-time fee of $10,000 for a single user/seat. Upgrade fees for new versions will cost about 40% of the original purchase price of the software. (Volume discounts apply.)
  • Annual fee of $6,000 for a single user/seat. Upgrades are included at no additional cost. (No volume discounts apply.)
  • Premium Corporate Annual License of $19,900 ($4,000 more than the standard corporate annual license). Covers up to 10 users/seats for MBC, plus 10 seats for all other Sawtooth Software tools. (No volume discounts apply.)

Demo MBC Right Now

If you didn't become a beta tester, and are now interested in trying the software in demo mode, you can download the software right now at: Download Trial Version of MBC

After installing the software, we recommend you read at least the first few introductory chapters of the Help Manual (available by clicking Help + Product Manual PDF). Then, you can use the sample dataset installed with MBC software (CarBinaryDVs.csv) to analyze your first MBC project. The Tutorial describing that dataset and how to use MBC software to model it is found by clicking Help + Online Help + Introduction + Quick-Start and Introduction and then by clicking the Tutorial link at the top of that page.