Joint SKIM/Sawtooth Software Event in Berlin, April 9-12

Together with our European technical support partner, SKIM Group, Sawtooth Software is pleased to announce the 2013 SKIM/Sawtooth Software European Conference and Training event. The European event will occur every 18 months, to place it in good rotation with the US-based Sawtooth Software Conference (to occur October 15-18, 2013 in Southern California).

The European event consists of 4 days of workshops, tutorials, and conference papers. Typical attendance has been 60 to 80 participants.

  • April 9-10: Menu-Based Choice (MBC) and CBC Workshops. Two separate 2-day workshops that feature hands-on application of MBC and CBC software.
  • April 10-11: 2- and 4-hour Tutorials. A variety of topics will be presented, most focusing on tradeoff/preference-based modeling.
  • April 12: Conference Papers. A call for papers will go out immediately to solicit 8 to 10 papers from the practitioner and academic community.

The venue is the Berlin Marriott, with a promotional rate of 155 Euro single/175 Euro double (breakfast included). Call for papers will be issued in the next day or so.