SSI Web v8.1.0 Released

We just released SSI Web v8.1, which offers improvements in mobile compatibility as well as new analytical goodies for conjoint analysts.

Mobile Improvements

  • We've improved the rendering of SSI Web surveys on mobile devices. If we detect that the screen resolution is less than 600 pixels wide, we include a mobile CSS style sheet that makes the text and buttons more readable and clickable on mobile devices. Check out some mobile device screenshots showing "before" and "after" illustrations of what we've accomplished.

CBC Improvements

  • Best-Worst choice format option. Respondents can select best AND worst concepts within each task. Some recent research has found that collecting both best and worst choices is better than collecting best-only choices. Other research is less conclusive. So much depends on the researcher's perspective and the subject matter of the study. There has been an increase in interest for the best-worst choice option for CBC, so we're offering it as a new option in the software. Read more.
  • Counts and aggregate Logit available within the SSI Web menus. No need to export the data to the separate SMRT package to do the Counts and Aggregate Logit analyses.
  • CBC/HB and Latent Class available within SSI Web menus. You may run estimation directly within SSI Web's Analysis menu.
  • Concept labels. Now you can place labels over the concept columns, such as “Option A,” “Concept 1”, etc.
  • Countdown text. The text “(1 of 10)” “(2 of 10)” etc. is automatically added to the header of each choice task, informing respondents how many tasks they have completed and how many more are remaining. You can delete this notification or modify it if you wish.

MaxDiff Improvements

  • Improved Experimental Designs. We've improved the algorithm for selecting designs, leading to near-perfect within-version level-balanced designs. This leads to slightly improved HB scores estimation. You can read a white paper describing the designer improvements at:

ACBC Improvements

  • “GetPrices” Routine within SSI Web interface. We've integrated this tool, for tabulating the frequency of summed prices shown across all respondents, within SSI Web’s Analysis menu. It previously was available as a separate .exe. This tool helps guide the choice of cutoff points in piecewise (non-linear) price function specification.
  • Improvement in HB estimation when attributes are dropped via constructed lists. The old approach could lead to unusual results when the majority of respondents dropped an attribute as completely unimportant and a minority of respondents thought the dropped attribute was critical.

The v8.1.0 upgrade is offered at no additional fee for SSI Web v8, Academic, and Corporate Annual Subscription License users.