Corporate Annual License Price Unchanged for 2013

After modest price increases in the last two years, we will not be raising the price during 2013 for the Corporate Annual Licenses. Prices will remain $15,900 for the Corporate Annual License and $19,900 for the Premium Corporate Annual License (includes the new MBC software).

During 2012, more than one-third of our software sales have come from the Corporate Annual Licenses. We find this remarkable, given that we started selling annual subscriptions just 3 years ago.

Percent of Software Sales from
Corporate Annual Licenses
2010   14%
2011   22%
2012   36%

Starting in 2010, Sawtooth Software rolled out the (optional) annual license as an economical way for some of our customers to access all our tools. It conveyed three main benefits:

  • It gave users access to all of Sawtooth Software’s modules (the whole alphabet soup: CiW, CBC, CBC/HB, ACBC, MaxDiff, CCEA, HB-Reg, ASM, ACA, CVA, Latent Class, etc.) for about half the cost of purchasing a single seat license to all these tools,
  • It allowed up to 10 people at the organization to use the licenses at no additional cost, and
  • It offered free, automatic upgrades whenever we released new versions.

If users didn't like the corporate annual license, they could purchase one-off perpetual licenses as before.

Now, three years later, it’s easy to see that the corporate annual license has been a win-win for us and many of our customers. Offering a subscription license was a bit revolutionary for us (we tend to be set in our ways) and we have to admit that it was a bit scary to offer such a radically new licensing program.

When we first announced the new licensing option, some of the first subscribers said that they were jumping on it fast before we came to our senses (which didn't boost our confidence at the onset!). Others remarked what a relief it was to get approval just once for the annual subscription, and then never to have to go to battle again with management for permission to buy additional modules, new licenses for new team members, or to upgrade licenses to latest versions. This was validation that there was value created in this strategy.

We initially wondered if the technical support load would dramatically increase. After all, we were giving customers the flexibility to have up to 10 users at their organizations rather than just one seat per license. But it turned out that even though more people were now using the software, the support load stayed about the same. We think that additional users mostly turned to already knowledgeable coworkers to answer their front-line questions. Customers helping customers. Bravo!