New Relationship Defined between SKIM and Sawtooth Software

Starting on December 20, 2012, Sawtooth Software has entered into a new agreement that establishes SKIM as an endorsed worldwide technical support partner. This means that Sawtooth Software customers worldwide (not just those near Europe) may contact SKIM to receive free technical support. Also starting on December 20, all sales of Sawtooth Software products will be conducted directly from Sawtooth Software’s office in the US. After December 20, customers may no longer purchase Sawtooth Software products through SKIM.

Sawtooth Software selected SKIM to sell and support its software throughout Europe starting in the late 1980s because it was expensive and time-consuming to ship floppy disks and hardcopy manuals to customers in Europe. Long-distance international phone calling was very expensive back then. Plus, technical support often involved shipping floppy disks with problematic project files and data files via the mail system to the technical support team. Now with the internet, software is downloaded from our website (allowing us to sell software more quickly into Europe) and technical support may be executed via email or inexpensive phone calls.

Sawtooth Software recently established earlier support hours to serve Europe better than before and also moved its offices from Washington State to Utah, which is one hour closer to Europe.

We look forward to our continued relationship with SKIM and to more directly serving our European customers from our offices here in the United States.