Sawtooth Software Rated Top Industry Thought Leader

Sawtooth Software was rated highest as an "Industry Thought Leader" for the Online Survey Software category in a survey conducted by

'The Thinker' by Auguste RodinAccording to that website, "The survey was conducted between January 22 and February 5, 2013 collecting responses from 501 market research professionals across the entire market research industry."

Here's the link: Market Research Careers 2013

Probably one of the main reasons we have achieved this reputation is due to our successful practitioner Research Conference, held every 18 months. This conference leads to an impressive amount of practical R&D and experimentation by our User Community. It opens our methods (and others) to a great deal of critique—and when it is shown that we can make improvements, we often are able to respond by the next software version.

The next Sawtooth Software Conference will be held October 14-18 in Dana Point, California. See the Program Details and Register Today!