SSI Web v7.0.30 Patch

We have discovered a bug in SSI Web v7. In some situations, backing up in a survey did not restore the prior answers. This could occur if the server was running Perl 5.18 or greater and other combinations of survey settings were in use.

For the bug fix we have opted to provide a patch instead of an updated SSI Web download. To download the patch, press the following button.

 Download Patch for SSI Web 7.0.30

Unzip the file and copy the four *.pl files into the "Server" folder of your SSI Web install folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sawtooth Software\SSI Web 7.0.30\Server). These new files will overwrite four of the existing files. Now these new files will be used when uploading to the server.

If you are not using SSI Web 7.0.30 make sure to upgrade to 7.0.30 before applying the patch.

If you have live projects that you want to patch you can either use auto upload or you can manually replace the *.pl files in the cgi-bin folder on your server.