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Price List 2015

Software is sold as a 12-month subscription license. Free technical support, maintenance, online hosting for data collection*, and upgrades are included. All prices are in US dollars. Each license is for the exclusive use of a specific, named individual. Licenses may be transferred upon approval by Sawtooth Software.

Suite Licenses (Includes free survey hosting*)

  1 Person  5 Person  10 Person 
Premium Suite Plus
(Includes premium suite, 5 hours free consulting, 15% off workshops & conferences)
$16,900 $25,100 $29,900
Premium Suite
(Includes standard suite, MBC, unlimited CSS desktop client conjoint simulators)
$15,900 $23,600 $27,900
Standard Suite
(Includes all components except MBC and client simulators)
$12,900 $19,600 $23,900

Individual Component Licenses (Includes free survey hosting*)

Component Price
Discover (SaaS) online surveys and simplified CBC $3,000
CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) $5,500
CBC ADM (CBC + Advanced Design Module) $7,000
ACBC (Adaptive CBC) $7,500
MBC (Menu-Based Choice) $6,000
ACA 10 (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis, 10 attributes) $2,000
ACA 30 (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis, 30 attributes) $4,000
CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis) $2,000
SSI Web 50 (free with CBC, ACBC, ACA, CBA, MaxDiff) $0
SSI Web 100 (previously called “CiW 100”) $2,250
SSI Web 500 (previously called “CiW 500”) $3,400
SSI Web 1000 (previously called “CiW 1000”) $4,500
SSI Web Unlimited (previously called “CiW Unlimited”) $6,000
MaxDiff 30 (for up to 30 items) $1,500
MaxDiff 500 (for up to 500 items) $2,250
MaxDiff Analyzer Online Service $500
CBC/HB (standalone HB estimation for CBC) $1,500
CBC LC (standalone latent class estimation for CBC) $750
ACA/HB $1,500
CVA/HB $750
CCEA (Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis) $500
HB-Reg (HB for regression problems) $750
ASM (Advanced Simulation Module) $2,000
CCS (client conjoint desktop simulator) $400
Online Market Simulator (administrators) $500
Online Client Market Simulator (2 years) $500

30% Early-Bird Renewal Discount for Individual Component Subscription: If after the first contract year, renewal payment is received by Sawtooth Software on or before the anniversary of the annual contract, a 30% discount is granted (does not apply to Suite or Academic subscriptions).

Grandfathering Clause: During 2015, existing perpetual licenses may be upgraded to equivalent subscription licenses at a 40% discount.

Academic Licenses (Includes free survey hosting*)

All Academic Subscriptions come with free survey hosting*. Academic Lab and Academic Research Subscriptions differ in capabilities. Visit Academic Licenses for full details.

Component Price
Academic Lab Subscription
(up to 50 users, 250 respondents per project)
Academic Research Subscription
(up to 50 users)

Legacy Online Data Collection Hosting Services

Subscription license holders (either Suite, Individual Component, or Academic) receive free hosting services. Legacy license holders (purchased prior to January 1, 2015) may continue to purchase hosting services at the following rates:

Server Size First 30 Days Daily Rate
After First 30 Days
Per Completed
Lite $100 $3.33 $0.50
Basic $300 $10 $0.35
Premium $750 $25 $0.20

For large volume hosting services, contact us for special pricing.

Additional Resources

Product Price
Book: Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis, 3rd Edition (softcover) $45 plus shipping
Book: Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis, 3rd Edition (PDF ebook) $36


*Free survey hosting covers per-respondent and standard monthly hosting fees for annual Suite, Individual Component, or Academic Subscriptions to the following modules: CBC, ACBC, ACA, CVA, SSI Web/CiW, MaxDiff, and Discover. Free hosting is limited to 50,000 maximum completes per month per organization (contact us if you need higher limits). Other services may incur fees (e.g. custom domains).