New Text Editor in SSI Web 8.0.2

In SSI Web version 8.0.2 we are happy to announce a new and improved text editor! The new text editor should make typing HTML, SSI Script, and Unverified Perl a pleasure.

The new text editor rocks! You are going to wonder how you ever lived without it. Check out the examples below.



HTML is now highlighted.   As you type HTML a list of HTML tags will pop up. As you type the opening tag it will automatically insert the closing tag.

SSI Script

SSI Script

The example above shows how constructed list logic now looks. Notice how the SSI Script function names are colored blue. SSI Script function help is built-in and shows up as you type.



The example above shows some Unverified Perl in skip logic. Notice how the Perl code has syntax highlighting. Help will also pop up helping you with your Perl functions.


  • Lines are now numbered which should help you identify certain parts of your code.
  • Blocks of text can now be highlighted and indented. Reverse indent can be done with shift tab.
  • Edit Undo and Redo have been vastly improved.
  • Search and replace has improved.  You can now search on Regular Expressions.
  • Go To Line, Capitalize, LowerCase, and UpperCase have been added to the Edit Menu.
  • Code Folding has been added.  This allows you to hide certain parts of the code.
  • Screen splitting has been added.