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New Website Feature: The Community Question Library

Have you ever wanted to add a star ranking question to your surveys? Or add a calendar pop-up to an open-end data field? Or record the latitude and longitude of a respondent? If you know how to write HTML, JavaScript, or CSS you can certainly add these features to a Lighthouse Studio survey. But what if you aren’t a coder, or don’t know a coder? Well, we have very, very good news for you. We are pleased to introduce the Community Question Library, a new section on the Sawtooth Software website!

The Community Question Library is a curated collection of customized questions that have been submitted by users like you for free distribution to other users. We seeded the library with 28 questions that you are free to use in your Lighthouse Studio surveys.

With the release of Lighthouse Studio 9.3, we added a Question Library feature where you can load in commonly used questions without having to rewrite them for each new survey. But you can also load in customized questions that others have written. All you need to do is download a question file from the website, launch the question library within Lighthouse Studio, and import the question into your library.

For help with importing or exporting questions in version 9.3+ of Lighthouse Studio, please see:

While the questions have been reviewed by Sawtooth Software personnel, we cannot provide support or vouch for their effectiveness. You will want to test all questions thoroughly before using them in your surveys.

If you want to share your special questions with others, you can submit them to us for possible inclusion the collection. We will review them for uniqueness, and if they are properly coded and documented, we may add them to the Community Question Library. You will find submission guidelines on the website if you want to participate.

To visit the Community Question Library, please follow this link: