Bandit MaxDiff Now Available in LHS v9.6!

Sawtooth Software's Lighthouse Studio now allows you to prioritize up to 2,000 items using a new approach to preference ordering called Bandit MaxDiff.

MaxDiff, or Best-Worst Scaling, is a survey-based approach that is ideal for measuring preference or importance scores for a list of items such as advertising claims, product benefits, features, and more. However, MaxDiff becomes problematic when the number of items exceeds about 50. As internal teams and clients continue to push the envelope with the number of items, Bandit MaxDiff offers an adaptive approach that more efficiently manages a large list.

Bandit MaxDiff uses preferences from previous respondents so subsequent respondents see MaxDiff questions that oversample the topmost items – the ones that are most likely to turn out to be the overall winners. If the goal is to identify the topmost items for the sample, researchers can save up to 75% on data collection costs by using Bandit MaxDiff because you only need to interview as few as 25% of respondents as you did with standard MaxDiff!

MaxDiff was first released as a software system in 2004 by Sawtooth Software, who continues to remain the industry leader in choice/conjoint analysis. To learn more about MaxDiff, check out this video or request a product tour.

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