SSI Web v9 (Lighthouse Studio v9) Coming Soon!

We have decided that the time has come to rename SSI Web. SSI Web will now be called Lighthouse Studio. It is the same great product, just a new name. Lighthouse Studio 9 will be released soon. It has a new integrated market simulator, drag and drop capabilities, and the ability to do interviewing without an internet connection (CAPI) on Android devices.

Integrated Market Simulator

In version 9 we are pleased to introduce the Choice Simulator, a new market simulator to replace the aging SMRT product. The Choice Simulator is fully integrated into Lighthouse Studio and provides new visualizations of shares (pie or bar charts) and utilities as well as much improved and more powerful options for adjusting shares for external effects based on product availability and product awareness. Need to create a client simulator? The Choice Simulator will allow you to create custom branded simulators that only display the features you wish displayed, in a stand-alone version that you can give your clients at NO additional cost! The simulator can also generate Excel-based simulators (including Randomized First Choice). Eventually, later in 2016, we will incorporate the Advanced Simulation Module into the Choice Simulator so that you can search for optimal solutions.

Drag and Drop Ranking

You asked, we delivered. Drag and Drop was one of the most requested question types from our users and we've added quite a few different variations so you can customize it to fit your needs. This interactive question type allows respondents to use their mouse (or finger on a mobile device) to click on a list item and drag it to a different container on the screen.

CAPI Update - Run Surveys on Android

Our new updated CAPI system will run Lighthouse Studio surveys on Android and Windows devices and allow you to collect data without an internet connection. The process of distributing surveys to the devices and collecting the data is super simple. First upload the survey to our hosting service. Then install our CAPI app on the device (such as an Android tablet). When the device is connected to the internet it will automatically download the survey. It can then disconnect from the internet and collect data. Once it has an internet connection it will automatically upload any data to the server. Any survey you can create with Lighthouse Studio will work exactly the same on the CAPI device as it will on the web (custom JavaScript and Perl are supported). See CAPI video

Additional Improvements

We have made many other updates to the software. Here are a few of them:

  • Lighthouse Studio now detects your time zone (during survey creation) and records all data records with this time zone. You can change the time zone under Survey Settings > General Settings.
  • JavaScript now runs when you preview a question so you can view interactions such as drag and drop, constant sum, and checking checkboxes, etc.
  • The appearance of the Admin Module has been improved and it is now much more mobile friendly.
  • The database tables (MySQL only) have been updated to be more efficient (MyISAM to InnoDB).
  • Surveys are now backwards compatible on the server. This means you can upload a v9 survey to an existing v8 survey and it will automatically update properly.

Lighthouse Studio 9 Webinar

To learn more about the new features of Lighthouse Studio, please watch the following recording of a webinar we presented to our clients in December 2015.

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