Export .SSI File Bridge from Discover to SSI Web

Our latest release of Discover can export its questionnaires to the SSI Web system (exporting a .SSI file). This makes the Discover platform even more attractive for those ready to give it a try. If you program a questionnaire in Discover and later find that you want to move it to the more powerful SSI Web platform, you can now do so.

The Discover platform provides a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for writing questionnaires, especially those including CBC exercises. Having a web-based solution means that the user doesn't need to install Windows-based software and may access the tools and projects via the web browser. Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) is the flagship conjoint analysis approach for our industry. Now, with the release of Sawtooth Software's web-delivered Discover it is even easier than before to design, execute, and analyze CBC studies. In addition to CBC questions, Discover supports standard question types and skip patterns, including select questions, grid, numeric, open-end, ranking, and constant sum.

Watch a video that demonstrates Discover: https://youtu.be/CR_yW69b-aI

Discover Interface

The guiding principle for Discover was to make an intuitive, beautiful, easy-to-use software tool that any college student could pick up in just a few minutes and be creating surveys. Because it is browser-based software it requires no software installation. You simply log into Discover's website and go to work. Discover works on desktops/laptops and touch-screen mobile devices. Even though ease of use was paramount as we designed the software, it is powerful and robust for industry application (see comparisons to SSI Web's CBC algorithms). We didn't compromise on the algorithms: the experimental designer is just as good and in many cases even better than SSI Web's CBC designs. You can either use shortcut empirical Bayes individual-level utility estimation, or you can export the data for full HB.

Sawtooth Software customers who are licensed under any of our comprehensive suite subscriptions get Discover at no additional cost! Academic institutions may license 50-user blocks for non-professional student use for just $1,000 per year. Organizations may license the software for professional work for $3,000 per user annually (single user license).

What's the future for Discover? Next steps will be to enable MaxDiff (best-worst scaling) within the platform as well as additional standard question types.

Because Discover and SSI Web share so much underlying code (the Perl and JavaScript code for interpreting the questionnaire, serving up the web pages, and storing respondent answers in the database), Discover and SSI Web will experience parallel development. New questions we add to Discover will also appear in SSI Web. Questionnaires initially developed within Discover may be exported to SSI Web in case the user wishes to use the greater capabilities of SSI Web software to continue to enhance their questionnaires.

Discover Interface

Start using Discover today under a free 7-day trial license! In minutes you'll be writing your questionnaire and (if you choose to add CBC to your survey) programming a CBC survey. Visit: Discover.SawtoothSoftware.com, click Create New Account, then provide email and password.