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New Market Simulator Available in Beta

For some time now we have been working on the new conjoint market simulator that will replace SMRT's market simulator. This simulator is currently in beta as a standalone tool. Soon the new simulator will be integrated within the SSI Web platform (but also available as a standalone tool).

We invite you to install and test the beta version. It includes online help documentation. (Capabilities from the Advanced Simulation Module such as product search are not yet implemented).

This new simulator is built using an entirely new interface with an Office-like style ribbon menu. This allows you to be able to create, modify and simulate scenarios more quickly. The new interface also contains graphical results for both simulations and utility reports. It also has new features such as creating client simulator packages with customized permissions and branding, as well as the ability to create an Excel-based simulator for delivery to clients.

We've also implemented an improved method for external effects adjustments to account for differential distribution and awareness that is superior to the old approach used in SMRT.

Note that some features that appear in this beta software menu have not yet been implemented: a) ability to create a PowerPoint report, and b) upload to the Online Market Simulator. These features will be coming over the next few months.

We have done a great deal of testing with this beta software and believe that the calculations of utilities and shares of preference are correct. However, because it is still beta software, we recommend you exercise caution if using this tool for real project work.

We're sorry, the beta period has now expired. The beta software may no longer be downloaded.