Sawtooth Software Embracing the Future, Leveraging New Technologies

What’s Sawtooth Software working on lately? We’re leveraging new technology to improve efficiencies, user experience, and to help you do things you couldn’t do before.

  1. Load balanced hosting system. New licenses purchased during 2015 offer free hosting! We’re ramping up our new load-balanced hosting system to handle increased loads and make sure that the response is zippy for respondents. This cloud-based system auto-scales for peak traffic, with additional layers of redundancy.
  2. SaaS Discover platform. We’re making great progress on our SaaS Discover platform—the streamlined, easy-to-use version of SSI Web and CBC. Still in beta for a few more months, but already with over 1000 users. Check out the following video: An Introduction to Discover. Start using (for free during beta) at
  3. CAPI on Android (mobile interviewing without a web connection). Sometimes you need to interview without an internet connection on Android. This new system will also synch with our hosting environment, meaning you will not have to email project files and data files back and forth. When you establish an internet connection, you’ll synch with the hosting server. Data collected will automatically upload and (if applicable) new projects will come down to begin interviewing.
  4. New Conjoint Simulator. We are hard at work on a new desktop market simulator that features better ways to account for differential product distribution and to calibrate shares of preference to align with market shares. We’re already in beta with the standalone simulator. Later in 2015 we’ll be integrating it within the SSI Web platform (say goodbye to SMRT).
  5. Account Management Web Portal. Want one place to view your list of licenses, users, transfer licenses between users, update your contact info, etc? We’re on it. During 2015 we’ll be phasing in your Sawtooth Software Account.

Sawtooth Software is of course well known for its leadership in conjoint/choice and interviewing on a variety of devices (mobile and desktop). We’re making strides toward having our software be more integrated rather than fragmented (e.g. integrating HB into SSI Web, soon dropping SMRT). Our developers are leveraging our core analytical prowess while embracing new technologies that will make your job even easier and your work all the more impressive.