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Changes to Sawtooth Software Pricing and Licensing Policies for 2015

We are pleased to announce new policies for 2015 that will allow us to provide free survey hosting (see details below). A number of other changes are also in store.

Since 1983, Sawtooth Software has been committed to providing cutting-edge software and world class technical support to our customers. Historically, we've always sold perpetual licenses for our software. As we look at our software development plans, study industry trends, and as we have thought about how we could offer free hosting to customers, we've concluded that it is time to revise our licensing policies. We think these changes will provide you with the best product experience, allow for more frequent updates, and will give everyone greater access to the full breadth of Sawtooth Software's marketing research tools.

Starting January 1, 2015, we are making the following changes:

Individual Software Component Licenses

  1. For individual software component purchases, all new or upgraded licenses will be sold as annual subscriptions. The annual price for individual components will be about 25% to 40% less than current pricing (Price List 2015). We are especially excited to announce that these new individual component subscriptions will include free survey hosting.
  2. Grandfathering Clause: during 2015, current perpetual license holders who wish to upgrade individual components receive a 40% discount off the annual subscription license rate. (This discount applies to Individual Component Licenses.)
  3. When you renew in 2016, you'll earn a 30% early-bird renewal discount if renewal payment is received by Sawtooth Software on or before the renewal date. (As above, this discount applies to Individual Component Licenses.)
  4. Historically we have given generous technical support for outdated licenses. Continuing this tradition, if you own a current perpetual license, we will guarantee continued, free support for a significant time into the future. In the short term, we will discontinue support for the following outdated versions:
    1. SSI Web v5 -- support discontinued July 1, 2015 (originally released 2004)
    2. SSI Web v6 -- support discontinued end of 2016 (originally released 2006)
  5. Volume discounts are discontinued. The savings that the corporate annual subscription licenses provide (up to 86% discount) automatically include significant volume discounts for firms with multiple users.

Corporate Annual Subscription Licenses

The Corporate Annual Subscription Licenses, which give multiple users access to our tools, have been quite popular. Along with free survey hosting for annual subscription license holders upon renewal during 2015, we're going to expand the options to make them better targeted to different organizations. As of January 1, 2015, we will rename these licenses to Sawtooth Software Suite licenses with the following new options:

  1. A new, 1-user annual license will be available for $12,900 (Standard) and $15,900 (Premium, includes Menu-Based Choice and other benefits). The license is exclusively for one named user and may be transferred from one user to another by permission from Sawtooth Software.
  2. A new, 5-user annual license will be available for $19,600 (Standard) and $23,600 (Premium). This works out to the rate of $3,920 per user (Standard) or $4,720 per user (Premium). The license is exclusively for five named users and usage may be transferred from one user to another by permission from Sawtooth Software.
  3. The price of the 10-user annual license will be $23,900 (Standard) and $27,900 (Premium). This works out to the economical rate of $2,390 per user (Standard) or $2,790 per user (Premium). The license is exclusively for ten named users and usage may be transferred from one user to another by permission from Sawtooth Software.

These changes give individual users who want access to all Sawtooth Software tools and free survey hosting an excellent option with the new 1-User Corporate Annual Subscription license. By splitting the Corporate Annual Licenses into three categories (1-User, 5-User, and 10-User), we are better fitting license options to different sized firms. For larger organizations, once you have purchased a 10-User corporate annual license, additional individual licenses may be added at $2,390 for Standard licenses or $2,790 for Premium licenses. For example, an 11-person standard subscription license would be $23,900 + $2,390 = $26,290.

Additionally, Premium Annual Subscription license holders (1-, 5-, and 10-user licenses) will not be charged for Client Conjoint Simulator licenses (CCS).

Additional Benefits

We believe these changes will allow many more users (especially smaller organizations) to have access to the entire suite of Sawtooth Software tools. You'll no longer be faced with hosting charges. We'll also be able to add in those little features that make a big difference but haven't justified an "upgrade fee" in the past. And, since most users will be on the latest version, with access to the latest tools, software improvements, and new features, it will be easier for us to provide you with a consistent, world-class software and support experience.

While lots of things are changing, there are some things that won't change. We'll continue providing the best, free technical support in the industry. Existing perpetual licenses will remain valid and never expire, and you can count on us to continue working to bring you the best possible products for your research needs. Existing perpetual license holders can still purchase our hosting services.

To view a full list of 2015 pricing, please see our Price List 2015.

If you have any questions about how these changes affect you, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at +1 801 477 4700.