Demonstrate CBC Using Only Basic Math

If you have ever had to explain what Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) is to somebody or to a class of students, we think we have a fun and easy solution for you!

We have been using an intuitive illustration for some time now in our choice modeling workshops. It involves choosing food for dinner at a baseball game. Students take a quick 9-question CBC questionnaire. We then analyze the students' choices using only counting! It has been such a hit (a home-run?) that we decided to make an attractive version of this public on our website.

The illustration includes:

  • a nine-question CBC survey
  • counting analysis for the respondent
  • counting analysis for all respondents (or the specified GroupID)
  • a what-if simulator for all respondents (or the specified GroupID)

If you are teaching a group of students and want to see results only for your group, just specify a GroupID when prompted. The counting analysis and simulator operates only on respondents matching your group ID.

Here is the link:

Have fun with this!