Sawtooth Software Appoints Diagaid as Representative for China

Starting this year, Diagaid Marketing Research is now an authorized sales and support representative for Sawtooth Software in mainland China.  Chinese customers can choose to purchase the software from either Diagaid or directly from Sawtooth Software in the US.  The advantages of purchasing through Diagaid include the ability to receive knowledgeable sales and technical support in Chinese as well as being able to purchase in Yuan rather than US dollars. 

Regarding the new agreement, Sawtooth Software’s president, Bryan Orme, commented, “In selecting Diagaid as a partner in marketing and supporting our software in China, we are selecting a partner who has demonstrated superior proficiency in marketing science techniques, especially conjoint analysis.  Diagaid has developed a solid understanding of our software tools and our way of doing business.  In addition, Diagaid has more than twenty years of experience in serving its clients in China.”

Dapeng Cui is the managing director of Diagaid and has a great deal of experience with conjoint analysis and Sawtooth Software’s other products.  Dapeng lived in the US for 10 years and earned his Master’s degree in Statistics and Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Cincinnati.  Prior to joining Diagaid in 2010, Dapeng worked at other marketing research agencies in both the US and China respectively, providing consulting services for his clients in the areas of conjoint analysis, market segmentation, branding, product innovations, and customer satisfaction.  Dapeng said, “We are excited to work with Sawtooth Software to promote conjoint analysis throughout China and support its software products.  We have a very strong team dedicated to this goal.”

Diagaid cooperated with Sawtooth Software in hosting conjoint analysis training in Shanghai in 2012.  Sawtooth Software has yet another training event planned with Diagaid for Shanghai in June of 2014.  Diagaid is currently involved in translating key Sawtooth Software documents into Chinese and in releasing a new website to promote conjoint analysis throughout China.