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Discover (Nate)

Discover is a new web-based application that makes conjoint analysis easier than ever before!

  • No download.
  • No install.
  • No files to upload.
  • No server issues.

Create a powerful survey in minutes.


Choice-Based Conjoint

With Discover you have thirty plus years of conjoint analysis experience at your fingertips. Enter attributes and levels and we do the rest. Push a button and your survey is live and ready for data collection. After your respondents have spoken, click on Analysis. You now have your conjoint analysis results in our powerful online simulator.

General Interviewing

Discover has other question types such as selects, grids, ranking, open-ends, numerics, and constant sums. Skipping, scripting, and randomizing are also available.


Share your survey with others. Enter their email addresses and now they have the ability to view and modify the survey.

Smooth Survey Hosting Included

Survey hosting is built right in. No uploading files or configuring servers. There are no hidden hosting costs. It all comes with your Discover subscription.

I absolutely love this software. Extremely easy to use, and the insights can be extracted intuitively. I also love the help document!

MBA student at Carnegie Mellon


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