Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

In this section you'll find the support services that we offer at Sawtooth Software.

Software Downloads

All of our software may be freely downloaded from this section. However, most software will only function in "demo" mode until you purchase a valid license. Our programs are designed to be installed on a user's local computer (not on a network server) that is running the Windows XP operating system or later. | Discover More


In this section, you'll find a number of instructional videos which explain how to use various aspects of our software or illustrate how our software has been used to solve market research problems. If you would like to see a video that doesn't exist, please let know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. | Discover More

Technical Support

All technical and customer support for Sawtooth Software products is free. You may contact either Sawtooth Software in the United States or our endorsed technical support partner, SKIM Software, in The Netherlands. | Discover More


If you're looking for help or advice on one of our software products, you may want to check out our library of technical manuals and help files. There are thousands of pages of documentation available within this section. | Discover More

Technical Papers

Over the past four decades, experts worldwide have contributed to our understanding of the marketing science techniques we feature at Sawtooth Software. This section contains over a hundred technical papers written by these experts, arranged by general topic. Within each topic area, introductory articles are listed first. | Discover More

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base features a collection of questions and answers that have been aggregated over the years. Categories range from general questions to advice on error messages, hosting issues, design questions, methodological questions, as well as programming and styling issues. | Discover More

User Forum

The Sawtooth Software User's Forum is the perfect place to interact with other Sawtooth Software users and get their advice about technical issues or methodological issues. Once you register to the Forum, you may post your own questions as well as comment on or answer the questions of others. Dozens of questions are asked and answered each week. | Discover More

Sales FAQ

If you are considering a Sawtooth Software purchase, please review this section to discover the answers to many frequently asked questions. | Discover More

Sample Surveys

If you would like to see what a survey produced by SSI Web actually looks like to the respondent, please take a close look at our sample surveys. You'll find surveys created with our CBC, ACBC, MaxDiff, ACA, CVA, and CiW modules for SSI Web. | Discover More