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Webinar: The Lighthouse Studio Scripting Series (Suite-Holder Exclusive)

As a suite holder, you may already know how flexible Lighthouse Studio is in terms of design. You can add custom code to your surveys to modify its appearance and functionality. Join us in this suite holder exclusive webinar series on JavaScript and Perl and learn how to make your surveys even more powerful. Register for one or both sessions today!

Part 1: JavaScript

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time

JavaScript is a browser-based scripting language that adds enhanced functionality and programming power to a web page. For example, JavaScript code can verify that the input on a web page is correct before submitting it to the server, perform calculations on user input, and change the appearance of the web page in real time. Plus much, much more.

This webinar is not an in-depth training on how to program in JavaScript, however it will explain how to include custom JavaScript in Lighthouse Studio survey. It will also explain how to use:

  • Variables
  • Flow Control
  • Functions
  • Form Objects
The Lighthouse Studio Scripting Series: Part 1: JavaScript
The Lighthouse Studio Scripting Series: Part 2: Perl