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With the recent release of Lighthouse Studio v9.3, a questionnaire library lets you archive and organize questions that you frequently use in your surveys. To get you started, we've already included a modest library of commonly used questions and scales that you might want to draw upon. To add a question to your own library, just right-click a question (or series of questions) in your questionnaire and select the option to add the question(s) to your library.

Other improvements in Lighthouse Studio v9.3 include:

  • More Intuitive Add Question dialog: We now show preview images of what each question type looks like to make it easier to visualize what you'll get if you add a question to your survey.
  • Streamlined Test Design Functionality in CBC: We've removed superfluous columns of numbers (effects and t-ratios) from the robotic respondents logit report so you can focus on the information (the standard errors) that matter.