Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

Sawtooth Software's Keith Chrzan and Bryan Orme are finishing up a new book, "Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis." We just delivered the manuscript to our publisher! We plan to teach two multi-day classes in 2017 based on the book July 17-19 in Park City, Utah--and this Fall in Europe at the SKIM/Sawtooth Software Conference & Training Event (September 27-28, Salzburg, Austria).

The chapters are as follows:

  1. How people choose
  2. Reducing hypothetical bias
  3. Advanced CBC designs
  4. Adaptive designs and customization
  5. The None alternative
  6. Holdout choice tasks
  7. Dealing with many attributes and levels
  8. Sample size decisions
  9. Coding conjoint data for estimation
  10. Part-worth utility estimation
  11. Allocation and volumetric choice experiments
  12. Statistical testing
  13. Willingness to pay
  14. Building choice simulators
  15. Optimization using choice simulators
  16. Situational choice experiments
  17. BW Case II
  18. Introduction to MBC
  19. Appendix: Simulating Respondent Data

This work is meant to be a more advanced sequel to the "Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis" book that's now in its 3rd edition. With "Becoming an Expert..." we've written the practical in-depth guide to choice modeling that we wish had magically fallen out of the sky and onto our desks in the early part of our careers!