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The files and folders created in the Web Upload folder (see: Create Files to Upload to Server) now must be set up and configured on your web server. The following table describes the contents of the Web Upload folder.

File / Directory Description
   STUDYNAMElogin.html Login page. Entry point for respondents.
   STUDYNAMEadmin.html Admin Module login page. Entry point for study administrators.
admin Folder or directory.
   STUDYNAMEqst.cgi Main web questionnaire file.
   STUDYNAMEpath.cgi Contains server path information.
   STUDYNAMEpacc.cgi  (see security section below) Contains Admin Module passwords.
   STUDYNAMEpwds.cgi Contains respondent usernames, passwords, and any merged data.
   * STUDYNAME_CBC[exerciseID]_[designID].cgi Design file for CBC/Web studies.
   ** STUDYNAME_MXD[exerciseID]_[designID].cgi Desgin file for MaxDiff/Web studies.
cgi-bin Folder or directory that contains all of the Perl files.  
graphics Folder or directory that contains all the graphics in your study.
data Folder or directory that will contain respondent data.

* Only for CBC/Web studies
** Only for MaxDiff/Web studies

The default configuration has a cgi-bin folder for each study. Some ISPs do not allow this. For configurations other than the default, see the Configuring a Common CGI-BIN for All Studies section below.

The contents of the Web Upload folder are usually uploaded to the web server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is a method which transfers (uploads) files from your local PC to the web server on the Internet. To FTP your files, you need an FTP program. We recommend WS_FTP (

When uploading files to the web server it is essential that you upload in binary mode. Binary mode ensures that the file is not changed in any way during the upload process. The size (number of bytes) of all files should be the same on the web server as they are on your local PC.

At this point, if you have uploaded the files and folders and set permissions correctly, your survey should be working. Go to STUDYNAMElogin.html on your web site and test your survey making sure the study behaves as expected and that it is saving data. Remember to log into the Administrative Module through STUDYNAMEadmin.html to see your results and download your data.

If you are getting errors see the Common Mistakes section below.