Share of Preference Settings

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Apply these settings to all Share of Preference scenarios in this exercise


By default, all scenarios share the same Share of Preference settings.  If you would like to use different settings for different scenarios, uncheck this option.


Limit Share of Preference to Top N Products per Respondent


The Share of Preference method allocates share to all products proportionally.  When products are very similar, there is the potential for shares to be taken disproportionately from dissimilar products (the IIA problem).  When there is a large number of products and/or attributes, and performance from Randomized First Choice is slow, then you may want to use this technique to do Share of Preference simulations, but with reduced IIA problems.  When enabled, shares of preference will only be allocated to the top N products (all others will receive zero share).


Product Limit


When enabled, this number is the limit on how many of the top products will receive share.

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