Weights within Standalone Choice Simulator

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This section describes how to create weights for use in the Choice Simulator when you as the author of the simulation project are using the Sawtooth Software Choice simulator as a standalone software system (not integrated within Lighthouse Studio).  


Let's assume you are conducting a conjoint study outside of Sawtooth Software's programs and have imported a part-worth utility file in the .HBU format into the standalone Sawtooth Software Choice Simulator package.  Let's further assume you have additional variables you'd like to use as segmentation or weighting variables in the choice simulator including the volume each respondent purchases of the product category captured in a variable called PurchaseVolume.


First, create a .CSV file containing your weighting data. The first row must contain labels where the first field must be the sys_RespNum variable. Variable names must not begin with numbers or contain spaces.


Click File | Project Data and in the Project Data area click the Demographics tab.


Click the Import... button to import demographic data (containing segmentation or weighting variables) into your simulator project from a .CSV file.  


If you want to use a merged variable as a weight, make sure its Data Type is Continuous. You can change this by clicking the Variable View drop-down, selecting a variable in the list, and clicking the settings gear_blue icon.


Page link: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?segments_filters_within_standa_3.html