Example #7: Maximize Appeal Subject to Minimizing Costs

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The previous examples dealt with products sold for a price, leading to concrete measures of revenue and profits. However, there are other situations in which price, revenues and profits are either not applicable or only indirectly tied to the optimization problem at hand. For example, one might use conjoint analysis for determining what type of health insurance plan a large company should adopt. One can enter costs into the ASM, and use these as constraints in the optimization. For example, one might seek to optimize the “Purchase Likelihood” or utility of the health plan (as perceived by the employees), subject to the cost not exceeding some threshold.


You can enter the "subject to" conditions as filters on the product search.  On the My Scenario Settings tab, select either Search - Exhaustive or Search - Genetic as the Range Behavior.  click the gear_blue icon for Range Behavior and then click the Filters area to specify the conditions to filter upon.

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