Changing Quota Cell Settings During Data Collection

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You may change some of your quota control settings even after you have begun data collection.  Common changes include:

Increasing or decreasing Quota Cell Limits
Modifying the Quota Cell Name
Adjusting Predictive Quota Control settings, including Time Limit and Projected Completion Rate
Adding additional quota cells


You make these modifications on your local computer (make sure to upload the changes, stored in the STUDYNAMEqst.cgi file, to the web server so that the settings take effect within the server installation.)  


If you use the Field | Hosting Management option to automatically upload your files to the server, this will be automatically handled.


There are certain settings you should not change after beginning data collection:

Quota Cell Values
Quota Cell Qualification Logic (you can change the logic to correct errors, but respondents already assigned to cells will not be reassigned)

Quota question names


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