PowerPoint Report Settings

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The feature allows you to take the results of multiple scenarios and format them in a PowerPoint report.  You may select which scenario results to include (only those scenarios with results already computed and being shown in the choice simulator menu may be selected).  You may also select one of the scenarios to be the base case reference scenario to which the others will be compared in the summary page.


There are also options available which control what types of slides are included in the report:  


Attribute Information


This section has two options for including an attribute summary and level summaries.  The attribute summary slide contains a list of the attribute labels with a header.  The level summary slides contain the attribute label as a header, and a list of the attribute level labels.


Utility Information


This section has options for including information about the average utilities used in simulation.  You have the option to include slides with the average utilities of each attribute, as well as an option to include a slide with the attribute importances.  Both of these options allow you to additionally select whether to segment the report using demographic variables, to weight the respondents using a weighting variable, whether to rescale the utilities as Zero-Centered Differences (or leave as raw), and to include a slide with reminders about the interpretation of utilities.


Scenario Results


This section has options for including information about the simulation results of each scenario.  You may select to include the scenario description and the results as either a single slide per scenario or as two slides (one for the description and another for the results).  If a base case has been selected from the scenarios being included in the report, you have the option to include slides which will compare the base case to the other included scenarios.  Finally you have the option to include slides where the results of the scenarios are presented as a bar chart.




This value determines the number of decimal places of precision are used when creating tables and charts.

Page link: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?powerpointreportsettingswindow.html