List Recode

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During the export process, you can recode responses to questions involving lists.  For example, you can set the value of all "other specify" responses to "99" and all "None of the above" responses to "98".  You can also recode any other list items you wish, such as changing responses to a radio button scale recorded in the data file as 1 to 11 to be the new range 0 to 10.


When you add recoding, you create a Recode Map name, which you can use across export jobs (so you only have to create the recoding scheme once).  


Global List Recode:  This allows you to specify that all questions using a certain list should reflect the specified recoding.


Question Specific Override:  Allows you to override the Global List Recode for a given question or questions.




Only integer values (either negative or positive) may be specified for recodes.  Only responses based on lists may be recoded.


Recoding has no effect on the way the questionnaire operates: data are stored using their original list item numbers, all logic uses original list items, etc.


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