Incompletes Report

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This is sometimes referred to as a Drop-outs Report, though for a live survey we don't know for sure if all individuals reported have truly dropped out or are just incomplete and still in the process of completing the survey.  For that reason, we call it the Incompletes Report.  


In the example below, 9 total respondents have started the survey (we learn this from the Study Summary report).  5 respondents completed the survey and 4 are incompleted records.  These incomplete respondents could have dropped out, or perhaps they are still working on the survey.




When we click the Incompletes link, the following report is shown:




This shows us the last question that the 4 incompleted respondents saw.  2 respondents last saw the Q1 question, 1 respondent last saw the sel question, and 1 respondent last saw the Q6 question.



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