Test Survey Mode

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Lighthouse Studio includes the ability to test the survey using test survey mode.  When in test survey mode, any test data are kept separate from real respondent data.  You can run test surveys even during data collection and it will not interfere with actual respondents.


When in test survey mode, an orange banner indicating "TEST Mode" appears across the top of the survey to confirm that you are not collecting real data:  




When you start a survey in Test Mode, you may click the Options link to receive a helpful dialog:




Check any functions that you want to enable during the test survey.


Notes: Quotas are not enforced in test mode.  Also, you cannot restart incomplete test surveys.  The error log file is shared between regular and test modes.


Admin Module (Test Mode)


When you have collected data in test survey mode, you are also given the full capabilities of the Admin Module again in test survey mode (with orange coloration in the dialogs so that you can distinguish working with test data from working with real survey data).  


When you click Test Mode from the main menu, you are given the same options as before, but this time you are working in Test Model with Test Mode data:




When in test survey mode, any operations you do within the test mode Admin Module are confined to the test data.  The real data are unaffected.  This includes all steps that delete data or reset the survey.


Note: resetting real data will not reset your test data.


Page link: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?hid_web_testsurvey.html