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Browser Title

This field lets you specify the text that appears in the title bar of your browser (very top of browser window).  This lets you further customize the browser appearance for your survey.  For example, you may want the browser title bar to say: "Customer Satisfaction Study 2007".



You can specify the font face used for text in the survey.  Type a font face, such as Times or Arial.  Do not put quotes around the font face.  The font face doesn't apply to text in response fields for the open-end, numeric or dropdown question types.  It is best to use a standard font, since respondents may not have the particular unique font you might want to use installed on their machine.  If the font you specify is not available on the respondents machine, the browser will choose a default font.  If you specify multiple fonts separated by commas, if the first font is not found on the respondent's machine, the second font will be attempted, and so on.


Font Format

You may override the Font Face specified in the Style along with other characteristics of font display (bolding, italics, etc.) using this control.  


Sawtooth Software Logo

If you don't wish to display the Sawtooth Software notification on the last page of your survey, un-check the Display "Powered by Sawtooth Software" on the last page box.  


Navigation Buttons



Respondents click the Submit and Previous buttons at the bottom of the pages of the survey.  You customize the text that appears on this button by typing text directly into the Submit Button or Previous Button fields.



Styles by default have graphics buttons (for Submit and Previous buttons) that are applied if you choose to use graphical navigation buttons.  You can select other graphics by selecting Settings... and browsing for the graphic using the Camera CAMERA icon.  When you select the graphic in this manner, it is copied into your Graphics folder when you prepare for web upload.  If you browse to the graphic, the correct HTML and an appropriate path is configured for your graphic using the GraphicsPath() Sawtooth Script syntax.


We have provided some sample "Next" and "Previous" button graphics in the Graphics Library folder.


Using graphics requires respondents to have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. If the respondent does not have JavaScript, the respondent will see a generic next button with the following label ">>".


Button Justification

Specify whether the Submit button is left justified, center justified, or right justified on the page, by selecting a Submit Button Justification option.


Respondent Input


You can use graphical radio and checkboxes, which lets you polish the look of your survey, as well as make the buttons any size you like.  If you decide to create your own graphical buttons, you'll need to create a graphic for the checked and also the unchecked state of the button.



Time Zone


Respondent time information will be recorded in the data file using this time zone. When appropriate, Daylight Savings Time will be taken into account.


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