How ACA Data are Stored

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ACA stores information in its data file detailing the attribute level combinations shown at each stage of the interview along with the respondents' answers.  You can download the data file from the Web server using Lighthouse Studio's Admin Module, or accumulate the files from different PCs if using CAPI-based data collection.  Then, using Lighthouse Studio you can export the responses to the "standard" (non-conjoint related) questions to a text-only fixed/delimited format using File | Export Data | All Data .


You can also export the ACA data to an "audit trail" .ACD file by clicking File | Data Management and then by clicking Add Job... and under Export Settings selecting Type ACA. When you export the job, a studyname.ACD file is written that records information about the combinations of levels displayed at each stage of the interview along with respondent answers.  Our standalone ACA/HB software reads the .ACD file when estimating part-worth utilities under HB.


Click HERE to view the formats for the .UTL and .ACD files.


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