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Every Lighthouse study includes a Start question, with associated Questionnaire Access and Passwords.  The Start question is commonly used to welcome respondents and ask them to type passwords prior to accessing the rest of the survey.  If you aren't requiring passwords, this question may just be used to display introductory text (without a required response).  Moreover, if you are bypassing the first page of the survey using One-Click Respondent Access to the Survey, respondents will never see the page including the Start question.


The Start question has four main sections:


1.  Header 1

2.  Header 2

3.  Password Fields (optional)

4.  Footer


If you use passwords, they are indented according to the Question Indent Width you specify in the Survey Settings | Page Format dialog.


The Questionnaire Access and Passwords dialog has four buttons: Advanced, Preview, OK and Cancel.


Advanced...This button accesses advanced settings for this question.


PreviewLets you preview how the Internet browser displays the current question.


OKSaves changes to the current question and returns to the Write Questionnaire dialog.


CancelReturns to the Write Questionnaire dialog without saving changes to the current question.


Text entry fields and format controls (Color, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Justification) are provided for formatting question text.


Editing Text Fields

You specify header and footer text by typing directly into the Text fields within the dialog or by Clicking the "pencil" icon pencil to edit the text within a larger window.  You can include HTML instructions in any of the Text fields to enhance your surveys with additional styles or graphics.  The toolbar within the text editor offers a number of buttons to automatically add HTML instructions within your survey.


Format controls (Color, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, and Justification) are available for formatting text using the paintbrush paintbrush icon.




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