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General Settings


Disable Back Button

By checking this option, the ability to back up in a survey is removed. This feature requires JavaScript to be enabled in the browser. This feature may not work in all browsers (including most mobile browsers).


Simple Browser Settings


This area lets you specify that Lighthouse Studio should remove the regular toolbar and buttons used by the respondent's browser and show the survey within a "simple browser."  This is useful for maximizing the window real estate for use in presenting your survey and for removing buttons such as the "back" button from many common browsers.


To see how the simple browser operates, you need to test your survey in Local Test Server or on your remote server.  Preview mode doesn't support simple browser.


Notes: The respondent's browser must support JavaScript to enable simple browser.  If the respondent has disabled JavaScript, the survey will appear in normal mode.  Warning: Simple browser may not always work correctly on every configuration.  We recommend you test simple browser using different browsers, as the presentation can vary.  If you use simple browser, and the respondent has enabled JavaScript, even if the browser still displays the toolbar including the "back" button, Lighthouse Studio prevents the users from backing up.


Specify Window Size:

If you choose not to use full screen window, this lets you specify the width and height of the simple browser window.


Use Full Screen Window:

This setting maximizes the browser window for most browsers and prohibits the respondent from resizing the window.  Because the simple browser can remove the toolbar and icons the respondent is accustomed to seeing, it can be helpful to provide an easy way for them to close the simple browser window once they've finished the survey.  If you provide text in the Close Text field, it becomes a clickable link at the upper right-hand corner of the survey that closes the window.  You may include a graphic instead of text.  If the Close Text field is empty, no link will display for closing the window.


Specify Transition Page Text:

If you use the simple browser, Lighthouse inserts a "transition" page to let respondents know that they are about to launch a new browser window.  It also gives them instructions if the window does not appear (holding the CTRL key while clicking next, or disabling their pop-up blocking software).


For internationalization, you will want to translate the Transition Page Text into the target language.  Also note that there is no Preview button to view this text.  You must test the survey on a web server or on Local Test Server to see the implementation.




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