Lighthouse Settings

(File | Lighthouse Settings)




This dialog controls the default folders that are used for various operations within Lighthouse Studio


Default Studies Folder

Specifies the default folder where Lighthouse Studio stores studies.  When you click File | New Study, this folder is opened.


User Styles Library Folder

When you add a User Style (your own Style Sheets), this is the folder where they reside.


Graphics Library Folder

Specifies the default folder where the navigation buttons are stored that are installed with Lighthouse Studio.


Question Library Folder

This is the folder where all of the questions in My Library are stored.


Local Test Server Port Number

Local port used by the test server.  We default to 61501.  Normally, you would not need to change this.  But, if there happens to be a port conflict, select another open port.


If port is unavailable, randomly choose another port

If this is checked, then if a conflict is found, Lighthouse Studio tries to automatically (randomly) select an open port.


Lighthouse Update Check

When the software starts, it can check with Sawtooth Software's website to see if a newer version and/or update of Lighthouse Studio is available.  If one is, then you are shown a message letting you know that a more recent one is available.  Lighthouse Studio doesn't take automatic action to update your software.  You can install updates from Sawtooth Software's website.


Updates often involve bug fixes and small (free) product updates that involve new functionality.


New Versions are major improvements in the software, involving new functionality (and are typically paid upgrades).


Three options are available:


New versions and updates

Updates only

Don't check for updates


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