Save Lighthouse Study As

Save Lighthouse Study As


This dialog lets you save a copy of a complete study and give the copy a new destination and/or name.  




A studyname must have no more than twenty-four letters or numbers.  All study-specific files (such as your questionnaire, your data file, etc.) use the studyname as their prefix.  


A "Study" is a collection of files pertaining to a particular research project.  




This field lets you specify a folder (directory) in which to place your study-related files.  Lighthouse Studio requires that you place your studies in separate directories (folders) on your local drive.  If your study is named "abcd," a folder called abcd is created, and a study file named abcd.ssi is created within that folder:




You should not place your study directory on a shared network drive; it must be a local installation to ensure that Lighthouse Studio functions properly.  



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