Deleting Practice Data Prior to Taking the Study "Live"

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You should collect some practice data and check that everything is turning out as you expect prior to taking a study "live."  If you use Test Survey Mode, you do not need to worry about deleting practice data, as test data are kept separate from actual study data.  However, if you still want to test the actual study (in real data collection mode), then we provide the following information.


After collecting the practice data, you will probably want to delete these records prior to starting actual data collection.  There are two methods for deleting the practice respondent data and resetting the survey:


1) Using the Admin Module


Access the Admin Module by connecting to the Web and browsing to you admin.html page.  Use the Administrative Read-Modify username and password specified under Field | Hosting Management.  Once at the main menu, choose Reset Web Survey and click Continue.  (Warning: this option deletes all survey data.  While that may be fine for practice data, you must be very careful with this option not to delete real data in the future.)


2)  Using the View Data function in the Administrative Module.


To delete selected practice data, go to View/Edit in the Administrative Module and delete the desired records.  You might, for example, assign a username of "test" for test records.  You could then search for only those records that had "test" as a username and delete them.


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