Reset Web Survey (Read/Modify Access Only)

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This option resets your survey data.  It deletes all respondent data and resets password status to reflect no completed surveys.  Resetting your survey doesn't delete the questionnaire, just the respondent data.  This is a convenient way to delete practice data prior to taking a study live.  (Note: Test Data generated in Test Survey Mode is not deleted.  You must select Reset Web Survey within Test Survey Mode.)


The following information is displayed when you click Reset Web Survey:





Clicking "Reset Survey" below will cause this web survey ranq to be reset. Resetting a survey includes:


1) Deleting ALL respondent data. This includes incomplete and complete data records from both the data and admin directories.  The internal respondent counter will also be reset.

2) Resetting all the password information.         All passwords will be reset and ready to use again. Changes made to Maximum Respondents in the On-line Data Management Module will remain.


Only reset a survey if you have been testing and want to clean out test data and restart or if you are finished with your survey and no longer have use for the data.


Clicking Reset Survey will DELETE ALL OF YOUR DATA for this study!





Click the Reset Survey link to proceed.

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