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Sometimes it is useful to display a progress bar at either the top or bottom of each page to let respondents know how far they have come in a survey and approximately how far they have to go.


Show Progress Bar


You can automatically include a progress bar in the Page Footer or Header by checking this box and selecting the position.  You can exert additional control over the positioning of the progress bar by placing it manually within the global header or footer (see below).


Manually Including a Progress Bar


To place a progress bar manually in the questionnaire, simply type [%ProgressBar( )%] within the text boxes of the Survey Settings dialog box under Headers and Footers tab.  The progress bar won't appear on the login page.


Progress Bar Settings


Beginning Value (%): Specifies the beginning value for the progress bar.  This is useful if you are linking multiple Lighthouse surveys and need to specify a certain beginning value.


Ending Value (%): Specifies the ending value for the progress bar.  This is useful if you are linking multiple Lighthouse surveys together and need to specify a certain ending value.


Progress Based Upon


Question position in the questionnaire method (default method): This method of measuring progress is based on (current page)/(total # pages).  Works best for questionnaires not involving loops or randomized blocks.


Question seen method:  This method shows progress based on (#questions seen)/(total number of questions based on Estimated % of questions each will see).  This method potentially works better for questionnaires involving loops and randomized blocks.


Estimated % of the questions each respondent will see: Typically, you would specify 100 here.  For example, a questionnaire with no skip patterns (where respondents see all questions) shows each respondent 100% of the questions.  But, if you have planned a questionnaire in which respondents see only half the questions (such as randomly selecting respondents to see either the first half or last half of the questions), then you should specify a 50 for this field.  Otherwise, the progress bar would suddenly jump forward for respondents who are randomly skipped over the first half of the questions.  For the other half of the respondents, the progress bar would slowly advance to 50%, until it suddenly jumped to 100%.  


Progress Bar Format


Alignment: Choose from left, center, or right.


Width: Specifies the width of the progress bar, in pixels.


Background Color, Bar Color, Bar Background Color and Text Color


These controls let you customize the look of your progress bar.  Click the drop-down button to access the "color picker" to select a new color.



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