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Many researchers want to print a hard-copy representation of their survey.  Typical reasons for doing this are:


1.  To share a copy of the questionnaire with a client,

2.  For internal review (quality assurance check).


Lighthouse Studio's Print Survey (File | Print Study) capability can print/save a copy of your questionnaire in two formats:


a) Text and Settings View: a text-only format intended for internal review that includes many details about each question: question text, response options, answer settings (such as min, max, number of responses, randomization, etc.), skip logic, lists, constructed list logic, attribute and level lists, and conjoint settings.


b) Graphical View: a graphical PDF or HTML format that shows what the questionnaire looks like to the respondent as displayed by a web browser, with question name labels alongside each question for easy reference.



Treeview Navigation


You can navigate the "Treeview" menu to select which items to include in your printout. Click the "+" icons to expand and view the items under each node.  The selected questions on the Question List are shared between the Text and Graphical views.  Thus, if you select a subset of questions to print, if you switch from one view to the other, the selection applies to both views.


Selecting a subset of questions from the question list. Often, you may want to print questionnaire for just a subset of the questions.  First, de-select all questions in your list.  Expand the Question List node by clicking its "+" icon.  Right-click the label Question List and select uncheck all.  Then, you can individually select the questions by checking the box next to each question label.







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