Setting Page Breaks

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There are a number of options for organizing your questions in your survey.  You can display each question on a separate page in your survey.  Or, you can organize questions into groups displayed on separate pages.  


You could also put all questions on just one page, but there are a number of reasons to compose your questions across multiple pages:


1.  Too many questions on a single page can make for a very long and clumsy survey.


2.  Response verification for numeric ranges or dropdowns would only occur at the very end of the survey. Respondents might have a difficult time reviewing such a long list of questions to discover their errors.


3.  Respondents might look ahead to sections of the questionnaire that you'd rather they didn't see until the proper time.


4.  Respondents who wanted to quit a survey early and resume at a later time would lose all their work.  If you organize your survey into separate pages, respondents who quit early only lose the questions they've answered since clicking the last Submit button (assuming each respondent has a unique password with a quota of 1, or that you ask Lighthouse Studio to place a cookie on the respondent's machine).


We suggest that you organize your survey questions in logical groups displayed on separate pages.  You might discover that some questions (such as conjoint questions, or questions requiring verification) are best shown one at a time, even though this means more back-and-forth between the server and the respondent's device.  


Setting Page Breaks and Previewing Pages


1.Highlight the question that you want the page break to follow.


2.Click Add Page Break and a page break is inserted after the highlighted question.


Multiple consecutive page breaks (without any questions defined on the separate pages) are not permitted.  You are asked to delete the redundant page breaks when you compile your questionnaire or prepare it for running on the web server or local server.


Clearing Page Breaks


1.Highlight the page break you wish to delete.
2.Click the Delete button.  



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