Linking to Sawtooth Software's Web Survey from another Survey Program

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Some users may find the need to link to Sawtooth Software's web survey software from another HTML form or Web-based survey.  One of the most critical aspects is that you pass through an identifier that can be saved as the user name or password with the Sawtooth Software data set.  That way, respondents from the two separate data sets can be matched during data processing.


Note: Linking multiple Lighthouse Studio surveys that result in more data fields than your license conveys is a violation of your license agreement.


Pass Respondents Directly into a Lighthouse Survey


You might want to automatically pass respondents from another Web survey into a Lighthouse survey and automatically "pass through" the user name and/or password.  Here is an example of the link required to do that:


In the example above the survey is named "s1" and "michael" and "A6Z99" are being passed into the survey as the username and password.


You can also pass additional variables into the survey, as long as those are defined as Pass-in Fields in the Questionnaire Access and Passwords dialog:


In this example "s1" is the survey name and "A6Z99" is being passed in for the password (assuming that only 1 password was setup for this survey).  Q1 and Q2 are additional variables to be passed into the data set.  These variables were previously defined in the Pass-in Fields tab of the Questionnaire Access and Passwords dialog.  


When respondents start the survey by clicking the link, if the passwords are valid (and the quota is not complete), the respondent is sent to the page following the Start page (page 1).  If the respondent is restarting an interview, the page where he/she left off is displayed.


Form Submit Button


You can create a "submit button" that sends respondents to the address of a Sawtooth Software survey and "passes through" a variable to be saved as the user name and/or password.  Note that your survey program must be able to customize the HTML text on the fly with respect to the values of the variables passed through.


Here's some sample HTML:




Click the button below to continue survey.


<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="myusername" value="michael">

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="mypassword" value="A6Z99">

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="studyname" value="tep1">






Linking from Lighthouse to Another System


You can link from Lighthouse Studio to another system by specifying the Terminate question type.  You can dynamically insert respondent identifiers (such as user name and password) or even responses to questions within the Lighthouse survey within the HTML of that link.


For more information about dynamically inserting user name, password, or answers to previous questions within the link, please see the section on Displaying Responses to Previous Questions.

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